What We Wish We Would Have Learned in High School: Finances

In this podcast episode, Marsha and Jess discuss something high school didn’t teach us (that it really should have), finances. They hit three main topics of bank accounts, credit cards, and investing for the future. We hope you enjoy!

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Disclaimer: We are not accountants or financial advisors, nor are we holding ourselves out to be. The information contained on this podcast is not a substitute for financial advice from a professional who is aware of the facts and circumstances of your individual situation.

What We Wish We Would Have Learned in High School: Finances VC Social

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First Semester of Digital Content Marketing Comes to a Close

Many of you know that VC Social is the class brand for Digital Content Marketing (BUS V52) at Ventura College, and that I spent many hours getting this course approved by curriculum, not to mention the time it took to build the website on WordPress. This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing folks who work at Ventura College, and in particular, I’d like to thank my fellow Business Department faculty and my Division’s Dean.

As the first semester of this class comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on what we accomplished and where our opportunities lie in the future.

To begin with, I couldn’t be more proud of the first ever cohort of students that went through this course together. Each week, they brought enthusiasm and creativity to the classroom. Whether it was a group or individual project, students were truly contributors and I’m excited with the direction that this brand is headed.

Did everything run perfectly? Is the website completely done? Are our social media profiles complete? Probably not. But then, I was never in a rush, so these questions are moot.

Was there collaboration amongst students? Did quality content get created? Was a standard set for future iterations of this course? Yes. Without a doubt. I even got a chance to do a food review of my own!

I will continue spending time on this project over the holiday season, in anticipation of the Spring 2022 section of Digital Content Marketing (BUS V52). To make sure that my time goes towards relevant actions, I’d like to pose the following questions to the current students:

  1. Was this class organized in an efficient way, or could it have been setup differently to optimize our efforts?
  2. What assignments had the most impact on learning? What assignments could have been improved?
  3. What are your educational/professional plans for after this class/program ends, and what have you learned in this class that you can take with you into the real world?
  4. Were there roles or activities that you were hoping to practice that you didn’t get a chance at? If so, what?
  5. Were there skills or lessons that you were hoping to learn about that didn’t get covered? If so, what?
  6. Finally, do you have any advice for future students that go through not only this course, but the Social Media Marketing program at Ventura College in general?