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Importance of Spending Time Outdoors

The Importance of Spending Time Outdoors and How to Enjoy the Best of Nature in Ventura County:

In this episode the students Ana Zanin, Amber Cedillos, and Schuyler Arevalo talk about reasons why being outdoors is so important to our bodies and hormones, and how to enjoy nature more often in a practical way, with examples of daily activities and places to go in Ventura County. ( ( ( ( ( (

Nature & Outdoors

Top 5 Nature Walks and Hikes in Ventura

Ventura Beach Bike Trail


San Buenaventura State Beach is a great place to park the car and get the most out of this stretch of coastline. You’ll encounter the pier with Beach House Tacos and Madewest Brewery (highly recommend). You’ll pass by a newly renovated playground for the kids, the iconic surfers point lookout and the bird estuary before turning back. This is a popular spot amongst locals and you’ll find its also a great path to enjoy a leisurely bike ride.

Ventura Botanical Gardens

Easy / Moderate

Located behind city hall in Downtown, Ventura Botanical Gardens has 107 acres of land with over 100,000 plants in the ground. The gardens showcase 5 different Mediterranean climate zones each with unique plants, a steep incline and ocean views. There are many places to sit and admire the view along the way. Admission is free for children under 18 and every Friday is a free day! Come enjoy the mindfully crafted landscape.

Harmon Canyon Preserve

Easy / Moderate

Harmon Canyon is located off of Foothill Road and features 2,100 acres of vast land that is covered with oak groves, streams, mountain ranges views and coastline. It has become a popular destination for biking, trail running and hiking. Parking is free off the trailhead and this preserve allows dogs on leash to also enjoy a bit of fresh air.

Grant Park

Moderate / Difficult

Grant park is truly a gem in Downtown Ventura and while it is considered to be a part of the Botanical Gardens, it features a vibe all its own. With breathtaking ocean and community views this spot is perfect to enjoy a short but rather strenuous walk around the eucalyptus trees and grounds. This steep incline will get your heart pumping but once you arrive at the top of the park, it features tables to enjoy a meal and a nice grassy area to relax. I highly recommend starting this walk off of Poli street and head up to Ferro street to get the most out of this walk.

Arroyo Verde Park

Easy / Difficult

A place for everyone to enjoy! Arroyo Verde is the ultimate park and hiking destination for an easy outdoor stroll or more rugged incline hikes. Make a day of visiting this park as it features picnic tables, bbq’s, dog friendly, two playgrounds and 14 acres of open grass area. This is a favorite to locals as it’s centrally located and full of possibilities.

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Visit Ventura’s Hidden Gem the Ventura Botanical Gardens

As students we spend most of our time either stressing out about homework or procrastinating to do our homework (I am guilty of this). However, sometimes all we need is a break, a moment of peace and nature to recharge our batteries.

We happen to live in one of the most beautiful places in Southern California, but we hardly take advantage of it. We have a beautiful spot in our very own backyard, it’s called the Ventura Botanical Gardens and if you haven’t visited already it’s time you do. Would you like to see what it’s like to spend a Sunday afternoon there? Click the video below and watch as I take you guys on a quick tour of the place.

Ventura Botanical Garden – HOURS

TUESDAYS — SUNDAYS from 9am – 5pm. Closed Mondays.
$7 Admission for the general public.

(Members are free, children 18 and under are free, EBT cardholders are free and every Friday is a FREE day.

Leashed dogs are welcome Wednesdays, Fridays and monthly FREE days.

Visit their website: Ventura Botanical Gardens

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