About VC Social

VC Social is a digital brand for Ventura College students, by Ventura College students. Our goal is to build community by creating entertaining and informing content while engaging our online audience.

Our Purpose

This is the capstone course in the Social Media Marketing program at Ventura College. In this course, students apply and demonstrate what they’ve learned, including community management and content marketing, through a real-world business scenario that brings together all the courses in the program. Students will:

  • Create multimedia content for a digital publication
  • Manage social media profiles and build and engage an online community
  • Setup an online portfolio of work that they can use professionally in the future

The VC Social Team

We are copywriters, content creators, photographers, marketers, influencers, and entrepreneurs combining our strengths to connect with the VC community.


  • Schuyler Arevalo
  • Marsha Carroll
  • Marlene Carvajal
  • Amber Cedillos
  • Ella Corsi
  • Elena De La Mora
  • Elizabeth Fernandez
  • Sarah Fox
  • Alex Gonzalez
  • Melissa Gutierrez
  • David Hernandez
  • Jess Lopez
  • Sunimari Madrigal
  • Daveynah Marceleno
  • Amber McDowell
  • Angel Mendoza
  • Jeronimo Moreno
  • Kevin Murcia
  • Kelyla Nelson
  • Lexi Quolas
  • Valery Ramirez Romo
  • Jennifer Scrivner
  • Samantha Vazquez
  • William Wentworth
  • Ana Maria Zanin


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