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The Value of Time Management In Everyday Life

Welcome to the VC Social Podcast. In this episode we discuss the value and importance of having good time management in our everyday lives. We all have unique experiences managing our time trying to accomplish different tasks daily, between work, school, and our personal lives how do we possibly complete everything in a timely manner without  burning out or feeling overstressed? Maybe it’s time to start trying new methods! It all comes back to limiting our time with distractions, which we personally struggle with since nowadays most work is done online and realize that we need to build our self control to not get sucked into social media. As well as not being afraid to say “no” when being tempted to go out with friends or family, not to mean that you should never go out because of work, however make sure that you are planning ahead accordingly.

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What We Wish We Would Have Learned in High School: Finances

In this podcast episode, Marsha and Jess discuss something high school didn’t teach us (that it really should have), finances. They hit three main topics of bank accounts, credit cards, and investing for the future. We hope you enjoy!

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Disclaimer: We are not accountants or financial advisors, nor are we holding ourselves out to be. The information contained on this podcast is not a substitute for financial advice from a professional who is aware of the facts and circumstances of your individual situation.

What We Wish We Would Have Learned in High School: Finances VC Social


Tips High School Never Taught You

Tips High School Never Taught You VC Social

Hello! Welcome to our podcast where we discuss a few things we never learned in high school that have improved our lives or made them easy in some way. We hope these tips will help you as well. Please feel free to like, share, and comment about if this is relatable! Below are a couple links to our student pages at Ventura College, and our social medias.
Arts & Entertainment

Binge Worthy

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! From Disney Classics to Horror Movies to Adam Sandler; Ella, Alex, Melissa, and Elizabeth talk and give their thoughts on it all. Listen in to learn some insights behind movies and shows that we grew up watching and add them to your movie watch list! Check out our socials!

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VC Social: Ella Corsi , Alex Gonzalez , Melissa Gutierrez , Elizabeth Fernandez

Binge Worthy VC Social

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! From Disney Classics to Horror Movies to Adam Sandler; Ella, Alex, Melissa, and Elizabeth talk and give their thoughts on it all. Listen in to learn some insights behind movies and shows that we grew up watching and add them to your movie watch list!  Check out our socials!  Ella Corsi: Instagram @corsi.ella                   VC Social:  Alex Gonzales: Instagram @alexgona1ez                   VC Social: Melissa Gutierrez: Instagram @melzzay                   VC Social: Elizabeth Fernandez: Instagram @lizabattt_                   VC Social: 
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Importance of Spending Time Outdoors

The Importance of Spending Time Outdoors and How to Enjoy the Best of Nature in Ventura County:

In this episode the students Ana Zanin, Amber Cedillos, and Schuyler Arevalo talk about reasons why being outdoors is so important to our bodies and hormones, and how to enjoy nature more often in a practical way, with examples of daily activities and places to go in Ventura County. ( ( ( ( ( (

Culture & Student Life

Note to Self: Finding Balance

On this episode of Note to Self, we discuss the challenge of finding a balance between school, work, and life. We discuss our definitions of balance, what our daily routines look like, and the challenges we face as we try to juggle it all.

Balance looks different for everyone, so we share the things that have helped us find a balance and what just hasn’t worked. Tune in to hear all about our individual experiences. We share our insights and advice in hopes that we can help other students who might be navigating similar challenges.

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Note to Self: Finding Balance VC Social

Culture & Student Life

A few things high school didn’t teach you

In our podcast episode, Sarah, Jerry and Kelyla talk about a few things that high school didn’t teach us. First, we’ll cover the importance of establishing good credit and how it can benefit you for the future. Then, we will dive deep into relationships and how to best handle ourselves when we find our emotions taking over.

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A Few Things High School Didn't Teach You VC Social

Food & Beverage

Water’s Edge Restaurant Happy Hour and Storm Watch

Water’s Edge Restaurant—Happy hour and Storm Watch

On a typical evening my husband and I walk the quarter mile from our house to Water’s Edge Restaurant located on the west side of Ventura Marina near the Harbor Patrol.

It’s right on—well, the water’s edge—in the midst of the fishing boats and boat launch.

This evening was different because we had unprecedented torrential rains. So, we decided to drive over and watch the storm from inside the cozy restaurant. Well equipped with our raincoats and umbrellas we blew through the door along with a powerful wind gust, unloaded our rain gear and left it near the front entrance.  Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who thought of this. There were about eight tables occupied with friends and couples.  During sunsets it’s a more serene and dreamy atmosphere but tonight there was an excited vibe in the room.  I noticed the conviviality among unacquainted people commenting to each other each time the wind and rain pounded against the vast windows. We watched the boats bobbing in the water, amazed that they were holding up in the weather.

We both had brought our appetites with us and are quite familiar with the menu.

Happy Hour is from 3pm to 7pm and the menu includes crispy brussel sprouts, margherita pizza, cheeseburger and ribs. When I order off that menu I often get the ribs. They are crispy and have a kicky sauce made with house Szechuan sweet chili sauce, sesame seed and green onion for $15. That menu ranges from $4 to $15, so there’s something for everyone.

Tonight I ordered off the regular menu and got the calamari fries which are fresh and flash fried with a lemon aioli dipping sauce for $15. My husband Johnny got a Signature Pizza—the Rancher’s Trio with marinara, capicola, pepperoni and chorizo for $16. We like to share with each other and enjoyed every bite. Neither of us drink alcohol so we got cranberry juice with tonic. Very refreshing. They do have quite an extensive wine and cocktail list and the Happy Hour drinks are $6 for wine and beer and $8 for select mixed drinks. The regular menu looks like drinks are about $15.

We topped off our evening with chocolate cake topped with house caramel and macerated berries with a scoop of ice cream for $13.

Then it was bundling back up for the short drive home, satisfied with a good meal and adventure fulfilled.


Food & Beverage Local Business

Rabalais’ Bistro

Rabalais’ is a New Orleans style rasurant in the heart of the historic downtown Santa Paula. It is a family owned resurant that has been opened since 2011. I go to Rabalais’ at a few times a month and every time, the food has been amazing. What I have always known Rabalais’ for their amazing beignets.They have so many amazing desserts and pastries. They also have amazing food, my favorite things to get there are their gumbo, their French toast, and their Louisiana Po’ Boys. Every time I go they have nice staff and a beautiful restaurant.

When sitting down at the restaurant, you can be sat either inside where you can seeing many unique things like pictures of Santa Paula’s history, theirs a couch area where you can go and lounge and maybe get some work done, but one thing that I find cool is that they have a piano by the entrance where anyone can go and play any song they know. When you are stilling outside, it a nice area where you can enjoy the nice air and see people walk by, maybe take a look at the local shops that are near there. It is also a great place to sit because it is located on Main Street, which is where Santa Paula host most of their fun events.

Food & Beverage

Devil & Angel Desserts

This lovely place is located in Oxnard, CA in the Collection Riverpark near the movie theatre.

They have a lot of different donuts to chose from to satisfy any cravings. For example Matcha, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Cookie Monster, Milk & Cereal, Pistachio, Strawberry, Thai Tea, Tiramisu, and Ube. My favorite so far is the chocolate and the matcha flavor. The texture of them are different then normal donuts but are surprisingly good.

You can also choose between a Refresher, Smoothie, or Boba drink. They have sweet and tangy to smooth and creamy flavors like cookies and cream smoothies or a milk tea like matcha. I love the matcha flavor and you even can get it with crystal jelly inside. That just adds a texture to the drink similar to boba.

If your feeling like having something cold and creamy they got you!! They even have soft serve ice cream! Know that sounds good! You can get it in a cone or cup with a little breaded fish or even with boba.

If you’re looking for a new dessert shop and tired of getting your usual sweats. I definitely recommend this one! Its cool and a nice place to go to after dinner. You wont regret it and the kids will love you after!