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How to Navigate Financial Aid

Asking for help can be difficult and overwhelming. At Ventura College, we strive to take some of that weight off your shoulders and the financial aid office offers the resources needed to meet your basic and academic goals. But where and how to start?

We got the inside scoop on the best course of action for incoming freshman to get information on financial aid services from Yesika, who works in the financial aid office. She recommends the Ventura College website to get information on where and how to began the process of applying. She also suggests in-person help via the financial aid service center located next to the bookstore on campus. Financial aid offers many different types of resources for students who are eligible and in need of assistance in order to attend college. This includes grant programs like the CAL Grant, that pay for your cost of enrollment. Sate and federally funded programs like the work study program, where students can work a part-time job on campus to earn money. Financial aid can also get you set up for a school loan, either a private or federally funded loan for extended education for those who qualify.

Yesika shared that coming in prepared when applying for financial aid is an important first step. You will need to make an appointment with a counselor to get set up with an education plan via online or in-person through Academic Counseling. After meeting with a counselor, you can come directly to the financial aid window/office to apply for your FAFSA online in the computer lab. It is important to make sure you have a valid ID, social security number and income information ready for this process. Once you’ve applied, Yesika recommends to continuously check your student email and your financial aid tab on your dashboard to make sure you’ve provided all information needed and no forms are left pending in order to qualify. This also includes checking in to make sure you are meeting the minimum requirements to keep satisfactory progress. You can find those requirements online through the financial aid tab.

We asked about other resources outside of financial aid that could also be of help to students. Yesika told us about the Basic Needs Center that provides students with food, housing opportunities and wellness. There is a food pantry on campus that is available at no cost to students. Open from 8:30am to 6:30 Monday and Tuesday, 8:30am to 5pm Wednesday and Thursday and 8:30am-1pm on Friday. She also mentioned that the VC Foundation is another great resource that offers scholarship programs and is worth checking into.

Lastly, Yesika shared what she likes most about working in the financial aid office. She said she loves being able to help students who are in need and those who are feeling lost. Let the financial aid office at Ventura College help take some weight off and set sail for a bright future.

4667 Telegraph Road BCS Building  
Ventura, CA 93003

(805) 289-6369

By Sarah Fox

Sarah is an Esthetician and Lash Artist running her small business servicing clients in Downtown, Ventura. She decided to go back to school to learn more about social media marketing and is working towards a certificate in this program at her local community college. She's eager to start applying what she's learning to her business and is looking forward to using her creative eye to help guide her in her next ventures.

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