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Counselors are here for you

Hello, welcome to another beautiful semester at Ventura College in lovely Sunny Ventura. I had a few moments to speak with Lauren Wintermeyer about the upcoming semester and registration opens April 17th for students to add classes to their schedule. Making an appointment is easy, process I found the most helpful was calling the registration office and making an in person appointment, video call, or a phone call. Nice thing is sometimes an appointment can be over whelming with class recommendations to help students achieve their goal of graduating. But the counselors will email you a summary of you’re conversation with them to make it easy, and a list of classes to help you succeed. Nice thing is the counselors will walk you through you’re myvcccd home page and show you degree works which will show you what classes branch off and count towards you’re degree. And for our extra busy students, the registration office takes drop ins to ask quicker questions of the counselors. Which is nice because sometimes life doesn’t allow you time for an appointment, also Ventura College has an online waitlist for drop ins which is a lovely addition. So, don’t forget and make an appointment today to get those classes! No one wants to be on a waitlist.

By Jeronimo Moreno

New to marketing, novice video editor all because I am an inspiring content creator trying to one day hit the jackpot and have my dream job as a streamer! Majoring in Business Communications incase my dream doesn't take off I can get a real job. In my down time I enjoy playing online games with my friends. My partner told me why not get paid to do what you love and post some videos. What's the worst that can happen right?
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