Holiday Cook-off

Uncle Lonnie’s Rockin’ Guacamole

Uncle Lonnie’s Rockin Gaucamole is So good.

A chips and dip recipe that’s “So Good” from the hills of Kentucky to the beaches of Ventucky.

VC Social’s first ever “recipe-off” is on! It’s the final project for my Digital Media Marketing class and my entry is a recipe from my Uncle Lonnie, who is a conga playing hippie from the hills of Harlan County Kentucky. Yep, banjos congas and avocados go really well together!

Uncle Lonnie and I played in a band together once upon a time ago in the Valley of Los Angeles. He was “passsing through” and ended up living with us for a few months. We were glad to have him with us, and his gift in return was homemade trail mix cookies and…you guessed it…homemade Guacamole. He kept the beat as we jammed into the night, and he always had a fresh bowl of chips and guacamole.

“Everytime I make this guacamole I think of my uncle and all the good times we had…”

His recipe is, as you would imagine, an organic process loosely defined. For the sake of the event, I give you the best approximation of how to make Uncle Lonnie’s Rockin’ Guacamole. Feel free to improvise.

3-4 large ripe Avocados
1 lime 
1 large white onion
1 bunch of fresh cilantro
1 large tablespoon unground Cumin seed
1 jalapeno
1 dozen cherry tomatoes
Salt, pepper and Tajin

Cut the Avocados in half, take out the seed and spoon the contents into a mixing bowl.  Peel and coursely chop the onion.  Dice the Jalepeno,   Rinse, remove stems and coursely chop Cilantro. Coursely chop cherry tomatoes. Add ingredients to mixing bowl.  
Squeeze a small amount of lime juice on the cutting board and pour the unground cumin in the joice, Mix with knife until Cumin is wet.  Dice Cumin and add mixture to mixing bowl.  Squeeze the remaining lime juice into bowl and cooursely mix until all ingredients are unifom.  Do not over mix.  
Add salt, pepper and Tajin to taste.

Uncle Lonnie’s Rockin’ Guacamole recipe has two secrets…

Every time I make this guacamole I think of my uncle and all the good times we had during his stay with me. My old band mares and friends from that period of my life remember him because of the guacamole and his uplifting spirit. And now I’m sharing that spirit right here in Ventura, aka Ventucky. You gotta try it! Watch the video and just listen to my friends when they take a bite!

With Uncle Lonnie’s Rockin Guacamole, I came here to win. Just kidding, I came here to learn and have fun. And I brought some chips and salsa too.

In closing Uncle Lonnie’s Rockin’ Guacamole recipe has two secrets, one is to cook from the heart, and the other is to use freshly chopped cumin seed soaked in lime juice– And of course fresh ingredients. Now go! Play some music, eat, drink, be merry, and Rock On!

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If you use this recipe, I’d love to hear from you! Share you story in the comments below.

By Jason Brock

Jason is an artist entrepreneur currently on the Board of Directors for the Ventura Artists' Union as Vice President. Jason toured the United States with artist Emily Richards helping to usher in the age of digital music distribution. In 2006 he was a founding member of San Diego based ArtisTech Media which currently operates world renowned Creative Commons remix website Jason is enrolled in a social media marketing program at Ventura College where he is participating in the launch of VC Social.

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