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Live Thrifting This Thursday November 18th

Join Ximena and Jason on Instagram Live and help them spend $50 on things they don’t need but can’t live without

This Thursday you can go thrifting virtually while staying in bed, or going to the beach, or getting your work done. Ximena and Jason, two of our VC Social contributors, are going treasure hunting in Downtown Ventura’s thrift stores and they’re inviting you to join them on Instagram Live.

What can they get with a $50 budget? Make your suggestions right now by posting replies here on this blog or on the Thrift Store Live Event Instagram post. You can also interact with them live on the day as they search for the gold.

Could it be a unicorn night lamp? A matching cat sweater outfit? A complete collection of Harry Potter books first edition? There are no rules to this game except one–have fun and keep it under $50.

See you on the internets!

When: Thursday November 18, 12-2pm

Where: Instagram @vcsocialbrand

Why: why not?

Who: Ximena and Jason, and anyone with an internet connection

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By Jason Brock

Jason is an artist entrepreneur currently on the Board of Directors for the Ventura Artists' Union as Vice President. Jason toured the United States with artist Emily Richards helping to usher in the age of digital music distribution. In 2006 he was a founding member of San Diego based ArtisTech Media which currently operates world renowned Creative Commons remix website Jason is enrolled in a social media marketing program at Ventura College where he is participating in the launch of VC Social.

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