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Current in the Shadows: A Conversation with Artist Cara Lasell Bonewitz

Listen to an artist speak about her exhibit in the New Media Gallery that features seaweed and shadows.

In my first blog post for VCSocial I wrote about the future of Ventura College’s New Media Gallery.  It was my vantage point looking through the windows at a gallery that had weathered the global pandemic essentially by shutting down.  In this post, I get the chance to share with you the insight of Cara Lasell Bonewitz, the artist whose work hung in the gallery, in the shadows, for over a year.  

Cara speaking to Ventura College students about her process in creating Current in the Shadows. Photo by Gallery Director Jesse Groves.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with Cara one on one in the gallery that has now opened its doors to the public.  She was preparing to take down her exhibition after a brief but well-deserved re-opening of her collected works that embodied Current in the Shadows.  Below is the audio recording of that conversation.  

“(The shadows)…the most ephemeral part of this show…have ended up being the constant.” -Cara Lasell Bonewitz

As the art world grapples with the complications of a post pandemic future, the questions are many and difficult.  The conversation you’re about to listen to shares Cara’s insights as an artist, reflecting on her work and her experience with an exhibition that opened as the world shut down, hung in the shadows in a closed gallery for over a year, and then reopened for a final viewing as the world reopened its doors to a reality we never expected to face.  

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By Jason Brock

Jason is an artist entrepreneur currently on the Board of Directors for the Ventura Artists' Union as Vice President. Jason toured the United States with artist Emily Richards helping to usher in the age of digital music distribution. In 2006 he was a founding member of San Diego based ArtisTech Media which currently operates world renowned Creative Commons remix website Jason is enrolled in a social media marketing program at Ventura College where he is participating in the launch of VC Social.

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