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Discover the Channel Islands Harbor Farmer’s Market Fall Season Favorites!

Every season has different products, and different products means different booth options for the owners of the booths.

Why it Matters?

Besides the importance of pumpkins in the American tradition of Fall season, why does it matter what products are popular at the moment? It matters a lot to the set up of the market because whatever is popular in the season not only determines what products will be displayed in each booth, but also if the booth owner will earn enough for the season and if the season will be worth it or not.

So What are this Year’s Fall Favorites?

Stay tuned for November 21st when Amy Garcia and I will do a live coverage of the Channel Islands Harbor Farmer’s Market. Amy and I will host this Live Coverage straight from the Market and find out some of the in’s and out’s. During this Live Coverage, we will find out what were this year’s Fall Favorites and reveal to you guys a sneak peek of the Winter Season.

End of the Season

As I mentioned earlier, we are now approaching the end of the Fall season. And though the Fall Season is in full effect, Winter is right around the corner. We will find out how the booth owners as well as the Channel Islands Harbor Farmer’s Market are preparing for the end of the season and what’s to come for the “Holiday” season as the Winter Season is sometimes called.

By Juan Francisco Lopez

Interned, studied, and learned key skills on Social Media Marketing from Mentors, Associates, and College Professors that help to develop & manage Online Marketing Campaigns for diverse industry clients, driving Brand Awareness and Traffic.
I've seen what the Online Marketing Business can do to grow local businesses all around the country by working & learning from important people in my area of expertise and decided to implement the same concepts for the businesses in my local community! It is such an honor to be able to help businesses in my community grow their companies.

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