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Hey all you VC social fans! How many of you like to see a great theatre performance from time to time? Well if you like to dabble a little in the arts, this post is right up your alley. I had the pleasure to interview VC Student Tommy Crawford about his role in the then-upcoming play. He had a lot of great insight into what to expect from, “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood” being put on by Buena High School. Below is a transcript of that interview for your enjoyment!

Alex: Hello I’m Alexander Shaw and I’m here with

Tommy: Tommy Crawford!

Alex: To talk about the upcoming play being put on at Buena high school.

Alex: What’s the name of the play and what’s it about?

Tommy: The name of the play is “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood” and it is a comedy production based around the classic tale of Robin Hood. So there are liberties taken in some spots throughout the story where modern comedy is interjected.

Alex: I’m now going to ask you a couple of questions.

Alex: The first question is: What is your role in the play?

Tommy: My role is that I help out where I’m needed, and at this point in time it is helping out with the lighting. As they have just received a new lighting system that nobody really knows yet, so I’ve been trying to learn and help out with that for the show.

Alex: What can people in Ventura expect when they come and see the show?

Tommy: They can expect to have a lot of laughs, there’s a bunch of comedy in the show. Some of the actors in it are some personal friends that I know very well. They’re dedicated to putting a lot into their performance and we’ve experimented with doing a few different lighting effects that we weren’t able to do before, so it’ll be interesting to see that for a high school production.

Alex: My next question, what is it like working on the show backstage?

Tommy: It’s very nice I don’t really have to worry too much about memorization like some of the actors might have to. But what I do have to worry about is how the lights work, and if I’ve programmed them correctly to work on their cues. Everybody is very nice in the production from the director to the littlest role you can think of, they are all amazing people, and I’m really glad to be a part of that cast.

Alex: Sounds like a lot of passion has gone into the play. Lastly is there anything you would like to add for the readers?

Tommy: The play comes out this week 11th – 13th and next week the 18th – 20th. The play starts at 7:00 and the doors open at 6:30. Admission fees are $10 for adults $7 for students and $5 for children

Alex: Alright thank you for joining me today and I hope to see you all at the play!

That concludes the interview segment, sounds like a really fun time overall. If you would like to see the show presale tickets can be found here at:

Tickets are also available to purchase at the door if you are a little more spontaneous! Thank you for reading and remember to check back at VC social to hear about upcoming news, reviews, and current events.

Alex Shaw signing off, see you next time.

By Alexander Shaw

Alexander Shaw is a salesman by trade and an aspiring marketing manager that has 6 years of experience in sales, customer service, and problem-solving. Alex is a friendly, outgoing individual who enjoys bringing smiles to every customer's face. When not working Alex enjoys watching movies, reading, cooking, and playing video games.

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