Meet The Pirate: Alberto Arroyo (aka Tito) #30

Saturday, the VC football team clinched the 2021 Northern Conference Title, defeating a past rival, Canyons. A key player in the success of our Pirates this year is Kicker/Punter, Alberto Arroyo. 

A Carpinteria High School alum, Tito wasn’t raised playing football, but rather soccer.  (It’s not uncommon for the Kicker/Punter to be a soccer player.) Originally, Arroyo had no interest in football, but before his sophomore year of high school, he was recruited by some friends who recognized his talent. He decided to play for fun! He played 4 years of soccer and 3 years of football with the Carpinteria High School Warriors. 

When asked about adjusting his kicking technique as he switched from soccer to football, Tito explained, “The technique is way different, especially with the follow through. It took time for me to get used to it.” Arroyo attended training camps where he was able to work on his technique and strength as a kicker. His lifelong soccer training served as a great foundation for his kicking career. 

In his senior year, Tito had friends already attending Ventura College who recruited him to continue his football journey and play for VC Pirates. In 2019, Tito joined Ventura College Football as a kicker. He played a lot during his first season and the Pirates went 8-3 that year. 

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, Tito and his teammates were able to continue practicing despite not having a real season. They trained together and united as a team. The players grew closer to their coaches and respected each other on a whole new level. Arroyo mentioned in 2019 when he first started all the players didn’t play as a team as much as they all did for themselves. During Covid, they began to take their coaches advice more seriously and created a bond amongst the whole team and coaching staff. 

With the lifting of the restrictions from the pandemic, the Pirates football team emerged united as a powerhouse team not to be reckoned with. After an undefeated season so far, last Saturday the Pirates defeated Canyons, a rival team who had beat them in 2019. Ventura College and Canyons were the top two teams in Southern California. Tito attributes that game as his favorite because so much was riding on it. It made their victory that much sweeter. Tito’s punts and field goals were essential to the success of the team.

Aside from football, Arroyo has already completed his AA in Communications at Ventura College. He hopes to continue his football career and transfer to Fresno State in the spring. 

Tito will be playing on Saturday, November 13 at home against East Los Angeles. If they, the Pirates would clinch the top seed in the Southern California Football Association’s Final Four, securing home field advantage throughout the state playoffs. Kickoff at the Sportsplex is scheduled for 6:00 pm as VC Athletics celebrates Veteran Student Night and Military Appreciation Night.

By Torrey Rodriguez

I'm a social media marketing manager, certified by the Ventura College Business School. I currently run 6 accounts, copywrite for a blog, and own a seasoning company with my husband. I have two beautiful daughters, so I'm grateful for a work schedule that allows me to always put them first!

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