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Rabalais’ Bistro

Rabalais’ is a New Orleans style rasurant in the heart of the historic downtown Santa Paula. It is a family owned resurant that has been opened since 2011. I go to Rabalais’ at a few times a month and every time, the food has been amazing. What I have always known Rabalais’ for their amazing beignets.They have so many amazing desserts and pastries. They also have amazing food, my favorite things to get there are their gumbo, their French toast, and their Louisiana Po’ Boys. Every time I go they have nice staff and a beautiful restaurant.

When sitting down at the restaurant, you can be sat either inside where you can seeing many unique things like pictures of Santa Paula’s history, theirs a couch area where you can go and lounge and maybe get some work done, but one thing that I find cool is that they have a piano by the entrance where anyone can go and play any song they know. When you are stilling outside, it a nice area where you can enjoy the nice air and see people walk by, maybe take a look at the local shops that are near there. It is also a great place to sit because it is located on Main Street, which is where Santa Paula host most of their fun events.

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Acai Bowls: The Perfect Snack for Students

Açaí (ah-sigh-EE) bowls are a delicious and healthy snack or meal option for busy students on the go. These berries are considered “superfruit” due to their nutritional value. The fruit is rich in healthy fats, and fiber, and it contains more antioxidants than other common berries. Besides these incredible properties, studies have shown that the consumption of it boosts brain function and it’s a great source of energy. This is exactly what we need to maintain a busy student lifestyle.

These berries come from a species of palm tree grown in the Amazon – Brazil. The fruit looks like a dark purple grape and it’s consumed as a smoothie, topped with fruits, nut butter, and seeds. Acai bowls are known for their vibrant color, creamy texture, and how easy it is to prepare. It can be customized to suit your taste and nutritional needs, and gives you a variety of health benefits.

Here is my recommendation, my favorite bowl: Acai, honey almond granola, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, peanut butter, coconut shavings, chia seeds, and a drizzle of condensed milk. Trust me on this one. 

Now that you learned about this, next time you need a quick and healthy meal or snack, consider getting an acai bowl. There is a store right in front of Ventura College. And by doing so, you will also support a local business owned by a Brazilian family. Hope you enjoy your acai bowl!

bb Açaí and Juice Store
5100 Telegraph Rd D, Ventura, CA 93003
Open every day from 9am to 5:30pm

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A Mexican Bakery: Panaderia Vanessa #5




I love horchata and churros so I had to get myself this drink. First sip I was in heaven, this horchata churro shake is 100/10. The churro is nice and warm with cajeta/caramel inside.


Growing up I always had conches at my house so I had to get my hands on this. Are you a Disney lover? Well panaderia Vanessa has them here in our 805 area including mini conches and many more options. You can also try there conchita dippings (Lechera, Cajeta, Chocolate) dipping sauce.

Story Time:

Panaderia Vanessa #5 is a Mexican Bakery located in Oxnard California and has been baking since 1990. This was my very first visit and overall I had the best experience. My order was 100/10 I’ll definitely visit this spot more often. This place defiantly gave me satisfaction I felt welcome, can’t wait to try everything else.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


1221 Saviers Rd, Oxnard Ca 93033





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Tony’s Pizzaria Serving Good Food & Good Vibes

Have you ever been at the beach and craved a bite of pizza? Well lucky for you, a couple steps over is Tony’s Pizzaria. It’s known as a local family owned pizza shop, they have been around for 64 years passing their recipes from generation to generation.

Now let’s cut to the cheese! Straight from the oven their crispy, golden and savory pizza comes in many options to their customers, for the meat lovers they have a sausage and pepperoni pizza, to our Hawaiian lovers they have Hawaiian, and even for their vegetarian customers they offer a slice of veggie pizza. If you crave something a little more adventurous ask the chef for the daily special slice.

However, if you still desire something sweet after your delicious slice of pizza they offer desserts such as, but not limited to Hawaiian shaved ice, chocolate brownie, pahoehoe cookie, and sundaes. They offer combos like the C Street, Endless Summer, and Hang Ten (My favorite is the Hang Ten combo that I split with my sister which includes two slices of any pizza, a salad and a 24oz drink). Their salads are mind-blowing with their homemade dressing, if you love salad you can order in a family sized.

The ambience is very welcoming, you can eat a slice of pizza outside in their seating area with the sun hitting you and the sea breeze blowing you away just like their pizza does. If you would like a slice in the evening the atmosphere is still very warm with the string lights lit and the heater next to you. To end your visit you can play a little game of bean bag toss.

Tony’s Pizzaria is the best place to grab a slice and hit the waves or just to enjoy a bite. If you don’t want to eat there, you can also take it to go and minutes away is the cross an iconic sight seeing spot you can enjoy a beautiful sunset with your meal. If you want to show your support they also sell apparel such as hats and shirts.

“Every pizza is a master pizza” just like Tony says.

Check them out below:

Visit Tony’s Pizzaria Located: 186 E Thompson Blvd, Ventura,CA 93001.

Hours: Monday-Wednesday (11am-9pm) & Thursday- Sunday (11am-10pm)

Tony’s Pizzaria Website:

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Simones Coffee Shop

By Kelyla Nelson

Throughout the week, Simones coffee shop was a place that crossed my mind multiple times, therefore I had to make multiple visits. I have been there in the past but had never sat down nor have I ever tried anything but the one specific drink I always get, a decaf mocha latte. This past week has been rainy and cold, so it seemed like a good time to slow down, sit down, and really get a feel for the atmosphere. I tried two different drinks this week, the coconut blended and the honey lavender latte. Both drinks had completely different tastes to them and I really enjoyed both because they were both full of flavor. If I had to choose my favorite out of the two, I would go with the coconut blended. I preferred the flavoring more because it was lighter than the honey lavender. They offer a good variety of pastries as well as other breakfast items. The avocado toast is to die for! The kind of bread they use along with the seasonings really made it great, 10/10 would be the first item I recommend as far as food. Seating was relatively good, they have small tables with two chairs at each one. Good for one on one coffee dates, not so great for bigger groups. The big glass windows they have made it easy to watch the rain fall while sitting and enjoying the wonderful food and coffee while spending time with my daughter. Customer service was very good, you can tell they want to keep customers comfortable and happy. Anyone who is looking for a new coffee shop to check out, this is the spot.

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Sushi Fresh

“I’ve worked at many sushi restaurants in Ventura, and have the freshest sushi. That’s why I’ve worked here for 8 years.”

Fresh is the name of the game when it comes to seafood, and Sushi Fresh is a local favorite for just that! Featured beer and kombucha, sushi, bowls, ramen, and so many rolls–rolls for vegans, rolls for those who like their fish cooked, and my kind of rolls… raw and fresh. A few years ago (pre-Covid), I remember looking at the sushi chef with a genuine reactive to the food. He said, “I know, it’s incredible.” I commented on the freshness of the food, and he added, “I’ve worked at many sushi restaurants in Ventura, and we have some of the freshest sushi. That’s why I’ve worked here for 8 years.” I taste the appreciation for the fish in the food. 

The environment is very family friendly with private booths lined around the restaurant. They always have two TVs with sports or movies playing. I have watched numerous Lakers games with the chef there, while enjoying a beer and my favorite roll—Cinco de Mayo roll. Its citrus and spicy, and I have yet to taste another roll like it! Trust me, I have tried A LOT of sushi rolls. 

My partner and I go at least twice a month, and sit at the bar to talk to the sushi chefs. We like to try new things, and ask them if they want to share something they make that isn’t on the menu. This has allowed us to try fish and combinations we would never try otherwise. Tonight, we tried the albacore carpaccio, and strawberry lemonade boochcraft—SO GOOD and refreshing. 

They have been around since I went to high school at Buena, some 14 years ago. My entire family prefers this sushi spot compared to others, and I have to agree based off the customer service, the quality of the sushi, the friendly and prompt waiters, and new specials. If you are in the Buena High School vicinity, stop by any day, and try their Yellowtail Belly sushi. It has so much flavor! The first time I tried it a literally got lost in the bite. Enjoy, and thank me later 😉

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Cafe Fiore: An Authentic Italian Restaurant

Every time I have been to Cafe Fiore, it has been nothing short of a spectacular experience. Whether it is because of the classy romantic environment or the authentic Italian food that they serve, the service is always marvelous. Cafe Fiore is in Ventura on California St, and it is run by two amazing women, Anna and Maria Fiore. As you walk in you will see the beautiful bar that they have along with their collection of wine bottles that are in sight as you are seated, when you are seated they serve you complimentary bread and tapenade. 

Their menu is filled with a multitude of options to choose from, like Insalata, Zuppe, Antipasto, Secondi, pizza and pasta. For those of us who have been neglecting our Duolingo, they offer salads, soup, appetizers, and secondi, which is a dish composed out of different types of protein like chicken, Italian sausage, steak, seafood, and lamb.

Some of their signature dishes are the Bruschetta, Antipasto Fiore – a set up of different cheese along with italian salami, Salmone Organico con Insalata di Farro, Gnocchi, Fettuccine Al Ragù, Agnolotti Di Pollo E Spinaci, Pollo Parmigiana, and Cioppino Mamma Fiore, which is an assortment of seafood in a white tomato broth. 

Their tasteful dishes make me enjoy stuff that I personally usually don’t like. For example I hate tomatoes, but on the Bruschetta, the tomatoes added an incredible flavor to the rest of the ingredients it was working along with and they combined beautifully. For my main dish I ordered the Ravioli Di Ricotta, and the flavor and freshness that the tomato basil sauce exerted was indescribable. After I stopped eating I could still taste the pristine tomatoes, the dish easily became one of my new favorites from Fiore. 

My honest opinion on Cafe Fiore is that I am always greeted with great service, delectable Italian food that is authentic to its roots, and an indescribable experience each time I enter the restaurant. The environment is always calm and not chaotic which adds to the classy atmosphere. They also have a great selection of music playing in the background as you eat your food, the food that makes you feel like Remy from  Ratatouille when he takes a lot of different ingredients and his head lights up with color and music. If you’re in town or looking for a great place to eat, check out Cafe Fiore, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Best Italian Restaurant in Ventura

If you live in Ventura and have ever craved authentic Italian food, you know the struggle to find a good place. Even in the entire county, it’s hard to come by a restaurant that’s both authentic and affordable. Let’s say you find a great authentic place, most likely a plate of pasta will cost you nearly $30. And if you go someplace affordable, you can tell they just microwaved the food in the back five minutes ago. Neither is the case if you go to Brio Cafe in Ventura. 

Brio Cafe is a cute and casual Italian restaurant with some of the best authentic dishes in town. Everything here is homemade: from the pizzas to the pasta, the bread, and even the desserts. Located at 2404 E Main St. in Ventura, it’s not far out of the way from most places in the city, and wait time for food is fairly short. Inside, the restaurant features a small seating area, with a homey ambiance and friendly staff. You can place an order at the front register, over the phone, or even online through their website.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite dish at Brio, but some fan favorites for my family are spaghetti bolognese, potato pizza, and spinach lasagna. You can get a decent sized plate of any pasta here for around $12, and the homemade pizzas are just about $15. The rectangle-shaped pizza comes covered with fresh toppings, delicious sauce, and has a perfectly crispy breading. When you finish your meal, don’t forget to add some dessert and pick one of their homemade cheesecakes to dig into!

Overall, Brio Cafe offers inexpensive, tasty, and genuine Italian food that you just can’t find elsewhere. I highly recommend stopping by and trying one of their pasta dishes, sandwiches, salads, or (my personal favorite) their fresh squeezed lemonade. 

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One of Downtown Ventura’s espresso bars is much more than just a coffee shop

If you’re looking for a cozy and trendy coffee shop to stop at while walking in Downtown Ventura, Palermo is a perfect choice. Palermo, which has been open since 2001 is a staple to the community with its inviting atmosphere. I decided to go with a friend early in the morning and was greeted by a friendly employee who was ready to take my order. There are lots of choices of drinks and coffee but as I walked in the sea salt caramel latte caught my eye. You can have the choice of having it iced or hot but on a rainy morning, I thought, a nice hot drink was the way to go.

While waiting for my drink I explored the store and just to my right were great choices of gelato and even a small boutique with what they call “hard-to-find items”. I sure did find a couple interesting-looking plates and cups that I may or may not have taken home with me. Along with those interesting items were some paintings made by local artists that were hung up and were being sold. It was nice to see a local shop give back and support its local artists. Once I got my drink I sat and enjoyed the nice atmosphere being accompanied by some great background music including Led Zeppelin and David Bowie, and I couldn’t have asked for a better playlist to fit the urban vibe of the shop. I recommend stopping by Palermo if you’re in the area and in the mood for some great coffee and a good vibe since it is not just a regular espresso bar, but an espresso bar with lots of different aspects to it that can cater to lots of different people and of course coffee lovers.