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The 1st Frontier

This is where space happens - NL Space Campus

The pristine untouched frontier in a human life is within the human being itself!

It has been said

“We know what we know”

“We know what we don’t know”


“We don’t know what we don’t know.”

How are you, how will you, discover what you don’t know about yourself?

One begins, one’s own quest, and continues one’s quest by entertaining, by holding open the possibility that we can discover what we don’t know about ourselves, that we may well not know, what we need to know, about ourselves.

In other words, our individual willingness, and commitment is necessary, in being present and aware of our desire to find out what we need to know about ourselves within ourselves as we go about our outwardly life. Until we discover what we need to know, part of which is certainly about our best of self, which we need to meet whatever challenges we face.

We are each invited to this opportunity.