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The Ventura College DREAM Department

DREAM is the acronym for Drafting, Rapid prototyping, Engineering, Architecture and Manufacturing

This department has instructors with real world experience, and many years of helping student reach their educational goals, right here at Ventura college. Talking with these instructors can give students a sense of direction in their career choices

There are classes that introduce 3D design software to student, like AutoCAD, Revit, and SolidWorks. These 3D design and engineering applications are standards in the Drafting, Rapid prototyping, Engineering, Architecture and Manufacturing industries.

Once students are introduced to different 3D CAD Computer Assisted Design applications, they can choose to continue in one or more fields offered and continue learning their choice of design and engineering software.

The DREAM Department also features wide format printers, Laser cutter, Waterjet cutter, CNC machines, 3D printers and other power and hand tools available to student to learn to work with this equipment to complete their assignments.

The DREAM Department is unique among Community colleges.

Experienced, enthusiastic, well informed, insightful instructional staff and a well-equipped learning and design, shape and assembly, environment. Not surprisingly, learning to operate the different 3D CAD applications and exporting to 2D and 3D semi-automated shaping equipment, allows students to discover that by going through the certificate, transfer and degree programs they can design anything.

The motto in this department is “We are here to make you a success” 

See your counselor and come by the department located in the 1st floor of the MCE building, on the VC campus. Speak to Ralph Fernandez and any one of the other instructors in that department.

By William Michael Wentworth

Knowing what a human being is, i mean beyond the general consensus, what the best of a human being is and that we have the ability to choose this best of ourselves, how often and to what advantages, is the most important, valuable and applicable understanding and priority in every moment!

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