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The Value of Time Management In Everyday Life

Welcome to the VC Social Podcast. In this episode we discuss the value and importance of having good time management in our everyday lives. We all have unique experiences managing our time trying to accomplish different tasks daily, between work, school, and our personal lives how do we possibly complete everything in a timely manner without  burning out or feeling overstressed? Maybe it’s time to start trying new methods! It all comes back to limiting our time with distractions, which we personally struggle with since nowadays most work is done online and realize that we need to build our self control to not get sucked into social media. As well as not being afraid to say “no” when being tempted to go out with friends or family, not to mean that you should never go out because of work, however make sure that you are planning ahead accordingly.

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Cafe Fiore: An Authentic Italian Restaurant

Every time I have been to Cafe Fiore, it has been nothing short of a spectacular experience. Whether it is because of the classy romantic environment or the authentic Italian food that they serve, the service is always marvelous. Cafe Fiore is in Ventura on California St, and it is run by two amazing women, Anna and Maria Fiore. As you walk in you will see the beautiful bar that they have along with their collection of wine bottles that are in sight as you are seated, when you are seated they serve you complimentary bread and tapenade. 

Their menu is filled with a multitude of options to choose from, like Insalata, Zuppe, Antipasto, Secondi, pizza and pasta. For those of us who have been neglecting our Duolingo, they offer salads, soup, appetizers, and secondi, which is a dish composed out of different types of protein like chicken, Italian sausage, steak, seafood, and lamb.

Some of their signature dishes are the Bruschetta, Antipasto Fiore – a set up of different cheese along with italian salami, Salmone Organico con Insalata di Farro, Gnocchi, Fettuccine Al Ragù, Agnolotti Di Pollo E Spinaci, Pollo Parmigiana, and Cioppino Mamma Fiore, which is an assortment of seafood in a white tomato broth. 

Their tasteful dishes make me enjoy stuff that I personally usually don’t like. For example I hate tomatoes, but on the Bruschetta, the tomatoes added an incredible flavor to the rest of the ingredients it was working along with and they combined beautifully. For my main dish I ordered the Ravioli Di Ricotta, and the flavor and freshness that the tomato basil sauce exerted was indescribable. After I stopped eating I could still taste the pristine tomatoes, the dish easily became one of my new favorites from Fiore. 

My honest opinion on Cafe Fiore is that I am always greeted with great service, delectable Italian food that is authentic to its roots, and an indescribable experience each time I enter the restaurant. The environment is always calm and not chaotic which adds to the classy atmosphere. They also have a great selection of music playing in the background as you eat your food, the food that makes you feel like Remy from  Ratatouille when he takes a lot of different ingredients and his head lights up with color and music. If you’re in town or looking for a great place to eat, check out Cafe Fiore, you won’t be disappointed.