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Heavenly Angel Food Cake

A Mother’s Day Special

In 1914 Mother’s Day became a national holiday in reverence to motherhood. Honoring the sacrifices mother’s make for their children. They say a mother’s role is to be God’s angels on earth. I thought it would be best to share an angel food cake recipe.


1 Cup Cake Flour

1,¼ cups of sugar

1 1tbsp sugar & 1 tbsp ground cinnamon combined ( put aside for now)

12 large egg whites

1 tsp cream of tartar

¼ tsp salt

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp honey

1 tsp lemon juice

6 oz. dark chocolate 74% or higher

½ cup butter

1½ cups of powdered sugar

¼ Cup whipping cream

6 oz. almond slivers



Preheat Oven 350 degrees

Beat egg whites until they become foamy. 

Next add cream of tartar with salt and  beat until soft peaks form. 

Add ¾ cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons at a time, beat until stiff peaks form. 

Mix cake flour with ½ cup of sugar 

Add to egg white mix a 1/4 cup at a time.

Add vanilla, honey and lemon juice.

Take ⅓ of batter and pour into an non-greased 10 inch tube pan. 

Take the back of a spoon and run it around the batter in pan causing an indentation. 

Sprinkle 1 tbsp of cinnamon & sugar mixture around indentation.

Add another ⅓ of batter to the tube pan, create indent again and sprinkle the rest of the cinnamon mixture in the indent. 

Finish pouring in the rest of the batter and bake at 350 degrees for 40-50 mins. 

Let cool for 45 mins. 

Use a butter knife to run along the inside of the tube pan. Flip the pan over to make the cake come out of the pan. 

Making the glaze

Melt dark chocolate with butter over low heat, stir frequently. Use a small saucepan

Remove small saucepan from heat. 

Mix in powdered sugar and whipping cream. 

Spoon evenly over cake.

Do a little extra! Pour almond slivers over cake and add strawberries on top.

Now there is something I do have to tell you and it is a bit of a confession. I took some considerations when putting this together. Some might consider this a bonus. Eggs, cinnamon, honey, vanilla, dark chocolate, almonds and strawberries are all listed as aphrodisiac foods. Why? Because every mother’s day needs a mother’s night.

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The Added Values of Memories

Building new happy memories is essential to our mental health. They build bonds in our relationships. Building new happy memories builds strength upon our identity. Some of our strongest memories we hold onto are our first time experiences. If its a bad experience then we avoid ever doing it again, but if its a good experience then we do it over again. Some go as far as taking the activity that created the positive memory and making it a hobby and in some cases a business.

According to Health.USNews.COM several benefits are related to good positive nostalgic memories. They are the following.

  1. Mood booster – A mood boost is an action, activity that helps fortify against depression, stress and anxiety. Could possibly lower PTSD episodes.

2. Triggers inspiration and motivation – Inspiration is mental stimulation that evokes you to do something creative. Motivation is a process that creates and maintains goal-oriented behavior.

3. Provides glimpse of your authentic self – as we peel back the onion layers to ourselves we become our best versions of ourselves. It is called our authentic self because this is where our words and actions match our core identity.

4. Can help with problem-solving – Identifying, prioritizing, and coming up with a slew of solutions is something we humans naturally do. Without this we are under stimulated and we don’t grow maturely.

5. Helps you handle tough situations in healthier ways – This is how we build our resilience. this creates healthy empathy and altruism meaning the desire to selflessly act for a greater good. One of our strongest acts of compassion as human beings.

6. Can give a greater sense of meaning in your life – A healthy foundation for our approaches to life.

7. Improves relationships – Adding up and combining our six previous listed benefits ultimately lead to healthier, happier relationships which create more grand memories which we then gain more of these seven incremental benefits. Think of it as a positive snowball effect.

I would love it if you, the reader were to participate in a mental health exercise or game rather that I came up with. It’s called “The Adventure Date Challenge”. The rules are simple. Go on a date. It could be with your life partner, a family member or even a pet. You get to set the tone. Visit all four places in the picture below and take a selfie, hashtag your photos with #VCSocialADC and in the comments below share with us your best experience because we love to hear about how you seized the day.

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Life Enhancements: Golden Milk

In this episode we go over a simple golden milk recipe to get your day started or ending on a positive note. 

We also go over a couple variations revolving on particular dieting and a variation depending on the time of day you choose to consume.

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Life Enhancements

I have never heard anyone seriously say, “I’m off to college to accomplish nothing”. We push for a higher education so that in the end of it all, we will achieve a better occupational lifestyle. A very grand salary. Top Tier benefits. Yes, life enhancements. The game is all about gaining accredited skillsets to showcase one’s value per the individuals chosen career path.

What can we do about getting life enhancing skills that we can carry forward in life from here on? A small example would be taking a cooking class. Now you will have a higher percentage of making tastier meals than before. F.Y.I. NYPOST states, “New research reveals 86 percent of Americans find cooking to be a total turn-on“. Total heart throb after one semester.

The point is, don’t just take classes to fulfill a degree alone. Take classes that will enhance your present life, not just the lifestyle you are scaping for tomorrow. Take a first aid class. If my cousin didn’t know CPR then he would have never been able to save his father’s life. It would be smart to take advantage of a finance class. Many will say, “A class on money is just so boring”. But isn’t this why you are choosing your career field? To do something you love and make great money doing it? I am more than positive I don’t have to pull up statistics on how having great finances is considered a total turn-on by millions of Americans, far and wide.

Did you know you already are off to a great start? Those who become college graduates are 2.5 times more likely to be healthy in the long run versus someone with only a high school education. Education is linked with health regardless of racial or ethical group. The things you learn in Men’s Health & Wellness HED.V04. College can be the best of times or the worst of times. With the proper skills and right information you will be in control of your destiny.