Culture & Student Life

Life Enhancements

I have never heard anyone seriously say, “I’m off to college to accomplish nothing”. We push for a higher education so that in the end of it all, we will achieve a better occupational lifestyle. A very grand salary. Top Tier benefits. Yes, life enhancements. The game is all about gaining accredited skillsets to showcase one’s value per the individuals chosen career path.

What can we do about getting life enhancing skills that we can carry forward in life from here on? A small example would be taking a cooking class. Now you will have a higher percentage of making tastier meals than before. F.Y.I. NYPOST states, “New research reveals 86 percent of Americans find cooking to be a total turn-on“. Total heart throb after one semester.

The point is, don’t just take classes to fulfill a degree alone. Take classes that will enhance your present life, not just the lifestyle you are scaping for tomorrow. Take a first aid class. If my cousin didn’t know CPR then he would have never been able to save his father’s life. It would be smart to take advantage of a finance class. Many will say, “A class on money is just so boring”. But isn’t this why you are choosing your career field? To do something you love and make great money doing it? I am more than positive I don’t have to pull up statistics on how having great finances is considered a total turn-on by millions of Americans, far and wide.

Did you know you already are off to a great start? Those who become college graduates are 2.5 times more likely to be healthy in the long run versus someone with only a high school education. Education is linked with health regardless of racial or ethical group. The things you learn in Men’s Health & Wellness HED.V04. College can be the best of times or the worst of times. With the proper skills and right information you will be in control of your destiny.

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