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If You Surf You Should Check Out False Front Media

Social media is a growing multi-use tool for everyone. Surfers and skaters have been able to capitalize on social media as a way to grow their audience and earn money by promoting brands. It can be tough, for local surfers especially, to get good quality clips showcasing their skills. This is where False Front Media can help. False Front Media records clips of surfers, skaters, and more on a high quality camera and creates video edits for their social media feeds.

Here’s a YouTube video that takes a behind the scenes dive into False Front Media.:

Filmed and edited By Schuyler Arevalo

False Front Media was created by Noah Gilbert, an Oxnard local. Him and his team help create and promote high quality videos on social media, they primarily operate on Instagram and YouTube. My experiences working with False Front Media have been positive. The process no matter the project has always been quick, enjoyable, and productive. Noah Gilbert has great ideas for video creation, once his vision is set and the video starts coming together I’m always able to appreciate the art of putting clips together to make a video a little bit more.

Here is a link to their Instagram page to see some of their work:

Here is a link to their Youtube page to see some of their work:

By Schuyler Arevalo

Hi, my name is Schuyler Arevalo, I am a 20 year old college student who is thrilled to live in the area code that I do. I currently attend Ventura Community College and plan to transfer to a Cal State when I have completed my associates and transfer credits. Currently I work bussing tables at a restaurant in The Collection, which is not where I envision myself in five years.
I enjoy watching underreported sports such as volleyball, waterpolo, ultimate frisbee, etc. especially when I can watch it in person. My life stlye is an active one by choice, it keeps me close to student-athletes in these sports and people who play recreationally. I prefer to keep things positive but I know honesty is not always that.

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