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VC Pre-Med Club

Pre-Med Poster made by the club members

I interviewed the Vice-President, Abraham, of the Ventura College pre-med club along with getting some questions answered by its members to learn more about their club and get some insight into it. I first off wanted to know what their club was about and they told me that it is about promoting medical education and creating an outlet for like-minded individuals who are interested in medicine to socialize, learn more about the medical field, and have opportunities to gain exposure to the world of medicine. From knowing what their club was about I asked them what they had to offer to VC students and they explained that they offer the opportunity for students to hear from doctors and other medical professionals on the real perspective of what medicine truly is. They will also educate people on the field itself, go to seminar events at hospitals, and more.

The club goes beyond just being at the college but goes out of its way by getting experience from those who are in the field that these students want to be in, which will benefit them immensely in their careers.
I also wanted to know who exactly can join the club, and I found out that it is open to anyone who has an interest in medicine and is simply interested in the field are free to join.

The club advisors include Biology Professor Kammy Algiers and Organic Chemistry Professor Malia Rose-Seiza. I asked the board members of the club their names, roles, and majors to get a little more information about them since they all have different paths in life and they include Abraham, the club Vice-President who is majoring in Biochemistry. Dan, the club ICC Representative, who is majoring in Health Promotion. Emanuel, the club Treasurer, who is majoring in Biology. And finally, Isabella Coroda the club President, who is majoring in Biomedical Engineering.

The final piece of information I wanted to know about this club was what will VC students get out of being in this club?
Their answer was that students will gain the necessary information needed to fully understand what medicine is and learn about all the different opportunities you can have with an interest in medicine. They also mentioned how you will also grow connections with people who are also passionate about medicine and create a helpful and connective environment for others and yourself. So if you are interested in joining you can scan the QR code in the image above or you can email them as well.

By Melissa Gutierrez

Hi! My name is Melissa Gutierrez I am a student at VC working on my Associate's Degree in Social Media Marketing. I'm hoping to find a career in the sports or fashion industry in the future.

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