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Hello students! April is the month for the Career Fair! I was able to speak with Megan Walter, who is a Student Services Assistant at the Career Center. I asked her some questions about the Career Fair and got some information + tips, so let’s get right into that.

On the flyer above, it lists all of the workshops happening before the Career Fair at the Career Center. It mentions the day and time the workshops will be held. From April 24-26 at 10am-6pm, the “Do’s & Donuts” workshop will be held. This Career Fair Prep-Shop will help students with their resume, 30 second pitch, and more help about the Career Fair. At this workshop, donuts, coffee, and a Career Fair Prep Kit will be provided for all attendees. In addition, on April 21 at 10am, students will be given help to start their job search. At 12pm on April 21, students will be given help to build their resume. At the same time as the “Do’s & Donuts” workshop, students will be able to meet the employers that will be at the Career Fair. Attend these workshops to be prepared!

On April 27 from 10am to 2pm, the Career Fair and Job Expo will be held in the Bookstore Quad. A recommendation from Megan is that if you are planning on attending the Career Fair, you should register via Handshake. You can register on From there, you can sign in using your vcccd login and answer a few questions. After you sign in, just search for the Career Fair event and hit join event at the top. You will automatically be registered for the Career Fair, receive event updates, and if you are one of the first 200 students to register, you get a free lunch! Registering also gets you a name card and a swag bag!

The Career Fair will have over 100 employers that you can find under the event on Handshake. You can even look into the websites of the employers, read their company backgrounds, and sort through the employers to fit the job you are looking for. You will be able to find jobs in the Healthcare, Government, Legal & Law Enforcement, and Non-Profit industry, etc. Attending the Career Fair will help you meet possible future employers and you can gain knowledge by asking questions. The goal of this Career Fair is to assist students in working on their professional development and gaining employment, while either in school or after they complete their degree/certificate.

To finish things off, here’s a tip from Megan about applying for your first job. She recommends going to the Career Center to get assistance on your resume and cover letter. You should make sure that you have both ready before applying for a position. If you have your resume all set, you can actually go to the Career Center and they will help you print out a few copies to have with you at the Career Fair. Being prepared and giving your resume to the recruiters, does impress them and helps you stand out. Megan recommends attending the “Do’s & Donuts” workshop to help prepare for the Career Fair.

Below are more flyers with more information!

SSC Building | | 805-289-6473 | Career Center Website

By Elizabeth Fernandez

Elizabeth Fernandez is currently a full time student at Ventura College. She majors in Social Media Marketing, studying to earn an associate's degree. She hopes to gain more knowledge on digital content marketing to use the skills for her future career. Aside from being a student, some of her interests include music, collecting, and going to concerts.

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