Mother's Day Cook-off

Easy Chia Pudding

Healthy, tasty and easy to make ? Sign me up ! Chia seed pudding can take forms of different flavors and benefits. Chia seed pudding has a special place of my heart because I began making it during the pandemic. I would make it for my mom and my loved ones.

Below is a video of the benefits of chia seeds

“Once you make this chia pudding, it will be a staple in your fridge. And then you can get try more chia pudding recipes”.

What you’ll need :

  1. Chia seeds
  2. Mason Jar or a container similar
  3. Sweetener of your choice. This step can vary, you can use coffee creamer, honey, matcha or regular liquid sweetener
  4. Spoon
  5. Milk or dairy-free milk of your choice
  6. optional, fresh or dried up fruit

Step one: With you mason jar, add 3-4 spoonful of chia seeds. You can be generous on this part

Step two: Add your milk to you chia seeds and mix it with the spoon.

Step three: Add your sweetener and stir again

Step four : Taste it before putting it in the fridge, to see if you’d like to add more sweetener or not.

Step five : Place it in the fridge overnight or for 4-5 hours until it looks harden and looks like in the picture

Step 6 : Enjoy !

This dessert is great for breakfast or even a snack in between meals. It is easy to make for events or for that special person!

By Evelyn Nunez

Hello ,My name is Evelyn Nunez !
I am a returning Ventura College Student. I graduated a few years with my AA in Psychology and later transferred to CSUCI graduating with my BA in Psychology. I dipped my feet from job to job in the field of my degree but was not content with it.
I had always have a love for fashion, social media and business but never thought I could back to school for it. I guess I was wrong, I am back and will be getting my certificate of Social Media Spring 2022. I hope to help grow my small business and others around me

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