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VC On The Go Ep 2 “Gas Prices taking the gas out of life?”

Welcome to Episode 2 of “VC On The Go” – podcast edition. With the rise of gas prices skyrocketing, I wanted to look into a way to commute that would not break the bank. Gold Coast Transit is a perfect way to get around that will not leave you penniless. Yes, I know there are many ways to get around that don’t involve gas but for this podcast I’m comparing prices between personal and ride sharing. If you’d like more information on GCT, go to

VC On The Go Ep 2 "Gas Prices taking the gas out of life?" VC Social

On this episode I discuss the pros about using Gold Coast Transit to rid yourself of the gas prices woes. I'll be taking a tour around the website and talking about the various benefits. Hope you enjoy.  

By Aaron Johnson

Hailing from Ventura, CA, Aaron Johnson is a musician and performer with over 25 years of experience on and off the stage. When most of the music industry went on hold (because of obvious reasons), Aaron took the opportunity and headed back to school. Now in addition to returning to the stage, he studies business, marketing and the arts while being a second year student at Ventura College.

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