How to Save the Earth while Shopping !

By : Evelyn Nunez

Vendors at Streets of Vintage

How can shopping at a flea market help us save the earth? Our carbon foot print makes a huge difference and if we can shop locally it can help not only the earth but help our community. When we think of flea markets, we think of them far away. LA flea markets are one of the best because vendors from all SoCal come to see what they offer.

What is Streets of Vintage ? It is a local vintage store in Oxnard, they offer clothing from different sizes and styles. They developed the flea market during the pandemic. Within the short period, they created a great community within Oxnard

Vendors at Streets of Vintage

Helping the earth does not always mean to recycle or to buy something to change a habit. It can easily be something we can do in our community. As an Oxnard local , challenge yourself come and walk here, don’t use your car! If you’re not from here, take public transportation to reduce your carbon foot print ! You don’t drive or too young? It can be simple as bringing your own bag or following the vendor online through their social media account.

For more information, please listen to our latest podcast where I talk about the vendors and their other locations!

How to save the Earth while shopping VC Social

In today podcast, I talk about Streets of Vintage Flea Market and how shopping local can not only help the community but most importantly our earth! Take a listen and follow Streets of Vintage for updates! 
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By Evelyn Nunez

Hello ,My name is Evelyn Nunez !
I am a returning Ventura College Student. I graduated a few years with my AA in Psychology and later transferred to CSUCI graduating with my BA in Psychology. I dipped my feet from job to job in the field of my degree but was not content with it.
I had always have a love for fashion, social media and business but never thought I could back to school for it. I guess I was wrong, I am back and will be getting my certificate of Social Media Spring 2022. I hope to help grow my small business and others around me

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