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The Mystery Of Edwin Drood Returns to Ventura College 10 Years Later

Ximena Alvear


The Mysterious Case of Edwin Drood is coming to Ventura College this December. Brought to you by the VC music department, this musical is one you won’t want to miss!

Brian Hotchkin is co-directing the show along with Brent Wilson and said, “We’re so excited to do this really fun story. It actually got put up here at Ventura College 10 years ago and we had so much we’re bribing it back.”

Hotchkin gave us some insight and let us know the show is actually a play within a play:

“In real life Charles Dickens wrote this mystery novel with a murderer and then Charles Dickens unfortunately died before he could finish it and we never found out who the murderer is. So we’ve taken this unfinished play and in the musical version it’s set as a play within a play and we have a quite looney, wacky theatre company where everyone wants to be the diva star and they’re putting on this unfinished play.”

The show is coming to VC December 3-5 and will be taking place outdoors. Show times to be announced soon.   

By Ximena V. Alvear

Ximena Valentina Alvear is a plus size model and lifestyle & fashion influencer. She is passionate about social media and has returned to Ventura College to complete the Social Media Marketing program. Her interests include Drake, Theatre, and most forms of entertainment and pop culture. She is also an advocate for the destigmatization of mental health issues, and a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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