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College: Education Is Not One Size Fits All

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In this episode of the VC Social podcast series we are discussing the American college experience, the options we have when it comes to school and what we think college should look like in 2021. This honest conversation amongst classmates will have you questioning… Is everything we’re doing really necessary in today’s professional landscape?

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College: Education Is Not One Size Fits All VC Social

By Amy Garcia

I am a creative, forward-thinking and business-minded individual. I am a first-generation college student hoping to become either a marketing professional or project manager. Being a first-generation, non-white Mexican-American I have noticed an extreme lack of representation in traditional and non-traditional forms of marketing/advertising. This helped grow my passion of diversifying industries that don't see the beauty in ethnic cultures and people. I am passionate about the beauty industry and would love to lead or market projects aimed to diversify the beauty industry. I plan to use any and all skills that I learn in our Digital Content Marketing course to push me further along my professional journey.

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