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Best Italian Restaurant in Ventura

If you live in Ventura and have ever craved authentic Italian food, you know the struggle to find a good place. Even in the entire county, it’s hard to come by a restaurant that’s both authentic and affordable. Let’s say you find a great authentic place, most likely a plate of pasta will cost you nearly $30. And if you go someplace affordable, you can tell they just microwaved the food in the back five minutes ago. Neither is the case if you go to Brio Cafe in Ventura. 

Brio Cafe is a cute and casual Italian restaurant with some of the best authentic dishes in town. Everything here is homemade: from the pizzas to the pasta, the bread, and even the desserts. Located at 2404 E Main St. in Ventura, it’s not far out of the way from most places in the city, and wait time for food is fairly short. Inside, the restaurant features a small seating area, with a homey ambiance and friendly staff. You can place an order at the front register, over the phone, or even online through their website.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite dish at Brio, but some fan favorites for my family are spaghetti bolognese, potato pizza, and spinach lasagna. You can get a decent sized plate of any pasta here for around $12, and the homemade pizzas are just about $15. The rectangle-shaped pizza comes covered with fresh toppings, delicious sauce, and has a perfectly crispy breading. When you finish your meal, don’t forget to add some dessert and pick one of their homemade cheesecakes to dig into!

Overall, Brio Cafe offers inexpensive, tasty, and genuine Italian food that you just can’t find elsewhere. I highly recommend stopping by and trying one of their pasta dishes, sandwiches, salads, or (my personal favorite) their fresh squeezed lemonade.