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Water’s Edge Restaurant Happy Hour and Storm Watch

Water’s Edge Restaurant—Happy hour and Storm Watch

On a typical evening my husband and I walk the quarter mile from our house to Water’s Edge Restaurant located on the west side of Ventura Marina near the Harbor Patrol.

It’s right on—well, the water’s edge—in the midst of the fishing boats and boat launch.

This evening was different because we had unprecedented torrential rains. So, we decided to drive over and watch the storm from inside the cozy restaurant. Well equipped with our raincoats and umbrellas we blew through the door along with a powerful wind gust, unloaded our rain gear and left it near the front entrance.  Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who thought of this. There were about eight tables occupied with friends and couples.  During sunsets it’s a more serene and dreamy atmosphere but tonight there was an excited vibe in the room.  I noticed the conviviality among unacquainted people commenting to each other each time the wind and rain pounded against the vast windows. We watched the boats bobbing in the water, amazed that they were holding up in the weather.

We both had brought our appetites with us and are quite familiar with the menu.

Happy Hour is from 3pm to 7pm and the menu includes crispy brussel sprouts, margherita pizza, cheeseburger and ribs. When I order off that menu I often get the ribs. They are crispy and have a kicky sauce made with house Szechuan sweet chili sauce, sesame seed and green onion for $15. That menu ranges from $4 to $15, so there’s something for everyone.

Tonight I ordered off the regular menu and got the calamari fries which are fresh and flash fried with a lemon aioli dipping sauce for $15. My husband Johnny got a Signature Pizza—the Rancher’s Trio with marinara, capicola, pepperoni and chorizo for $16. We like to share with each other and enjoyed every bite. Neither of us drink alcohol so we got cranberry juice with tonic. Very refreshing. They do have quite an extensive wine and cocktail list and the Happy Hour drinks are $6 for wine and beer and $8 for select mixed drinks. The regular menu looks like drinks are about $15.

We topped off our evening with chocolate cake topped with house caramel and macerated berries with a scoop of ice cream for $13.

Then it was bundling back up for the short drive home, satisfied with a good meal and adventure fulfilled.