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Simones Coffee Shop

By Kelyla Nelson

Throughout the week, Simones coffee shop was a place that crossed my mind multiple times, therefore I had to make multiple visits. I have been there in the past but had never sat down nor have I ever tried anything but the one specific drink I always get, a decaf mocha latte. This past week has been rainy and cold, so it seemed like a good time to slow down, sit down, and really get a feel for the atmosphere. I tried two different drinks this week, the coconut blended and the honey lavender latte. Both drinks had completely different tastes to them and I really enjoyed both because they were both full of flavor. If I had to choose my favorite out of the two, I would go with the coconut blended. I preferred the flavoring more because it was lighter than the honey lavender. They offer a good variety of pastries as well as other breakfast items. The avocado toast is to die for! The kind of bread they use along with the seasonings really made it great, 10/10 would be the first item I recommend as far as food. Seating was relatively good, they have small tables with two chairs at each one. Good for one on one coffee dates, not so great for bigger groups. The big glass windows they have made it easy to watch the rain fall while sitting and enjoying the wonderful food and coffee while spending time with my daughter. Customer service was very good, you can tell they want to keep customers comfortable and happy. Anyone who is looking for a new coffee shop to check out, this is the spot.