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FujiFilm Insta Mini Evo: classic film in the digital age

A camera that brings film to a digital age

By Ella Corsi

The FujiFilm mini Evo instant camera has numerous features, lenses, and filters that make this camera one of a kind. Also on top, the camera has bluetooth that connects to your FujiFilm app to not only offload images to your phone, but can upload images to the camera to instantly print your phone’s photos onto polaroid film.

Why the FujiFilm mini Evo?

  • Proof and edit your photos before you print them; make sure your eyes are open and you’re looking stunning!
  • Print multiple versions of the same photo for each of your friends; no more retaking the same photo so everyone can have their own copy on film
  • Aesthetically pleasing! Has the design and look of a classic film camera
  • Numerous lenses and filters to keep your photos unique

Lenses & Filters: There are 10 different lenses that are built into the camera that range from silly fish eye lenses to beautiful soft lenses that makes the subject look like an angle.There are also 10 filters that can be applied to the lenses that vary from retro to several different colors.

Personal Thoughts: The physicality of the camera is very aesthetic and doesn’t just take good photos, but looks good in them too. The quality of the photos is good and intentionally made to look similar to film. When printing polaroid film from the camera, it takes just seconds and the quality has been nice quality. The camera fits well in my hand, is a good size and is a very light weight. I originally was looking for a film camera for road trips and summer and this camera caught my eye instantly, a simple way to have cute prints and quality digitals for social media. I’m excited for the future photoshoots and adventures I get to capture with this killer camera.