Tips High School Never Taught You

Tips High School Never Taught You VC Social

Hello! Welcome to our podcast where we discuss a few things we never learned in high school that have improved our lives or made them easy in some way. We hope these tips will help you as well. Please feel free to like, share, and comment about if this is relatable! Below are a couple links to our student pages at Ventura College, and our social medias.
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Sushi Fresh

“I’ve worked at many sushi restaurants in Ventura, and have the freshest sushi. That’s why I’ve worked here for 8 years.”

Fresh is the name of the game when it comes to seafood, and Sushi Fresh is a local favorite for just that! Featured beer and kombucha, sushi, bowls, ramen, and so many rolls–rolls for vegans, rolls for those who like their fish cooked, and my kind of rolls… raw and fresh. A few years ago (pre-Covid), I remember looking at the sushi chef with a genuine reactive to the food. He said, “I know, it’s incredible.” I commented on the freshness of the food, and he added, “I’ve worked at many sushi restaurants in Ventura, and we have some of the freshest sushi. That’s why I’ve worked here for 8 years.” I taste the appreciation for the fish in the food. 

The environment is very family friendly with private booths lined around the restaurant. They always have two TVs with sports or movies playing. I have watched numerous Lakers games with the chef there, while enjoying a beer and my favorite roll—Cinco de Mayo roll. Its citrus and spicy, and I have yet to taste another roll like it! Trust me, I have tried A LOT of sushi rolls. 

My partner and I go at least twice a month, and sit at the bar to talk to the sushi chefs. We like to try new things, and ask them if they want to share something they make that isn’t on the menu. This has allowed us to try fish and combinations we would never try otherwise. Tonight, we tried the albacore carpaccio, and strawberry lemonade boochcraft—SO GOOD and refreshing. 

They have been around since I went to high school at Buena, some 14 years ago. My entire family prefers this sushi spot compared to others, and I have to agree based off the customer service, the quality of the sushi, the friendly and prompt waiters, and new specials. If you are in the Buena High School vicinity, stop by any day, and try their Yellowtail Belly sushi. It has so much flavor! The first time I tried it a literally got lost in the bite. Enjoy, and thank me later 😉