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We Bridge Expo

We Bridge was a three-day music festival and expo from April 21 – 23, 2023 in Las Vegas to showcase Asian culture through music, art, fashion, beauty, and more! We Bridge acknowledges the growing Asian influence on mainstream pop culture around the world. So, their mission was to connect those creative expressions all into one experience. The We Bridge Expo held hi touch engagements, displayed art by influential Asian artists, showcased fashion, offered food samples, and featured activities as well as retail opportunities. We Bridge even brought in a lineup of highly influential K-pop artists to perform live! I was so fortunate and I am very grateful to have attended the expo and concert on April 22. Here is how my experience went!

Once my cousins and I arrived at the convention center, we were very nervous since we didn’t know what to expect. We registered, got our wristbands, then headed inside the expo. We were greeted with a welcome wall and as we kept walking in there were cardboard cutouts of artists displayed to take photos with. My cousins and I walked straight to the Grammy Museum stage but as soon as we got there, the q&a for the group Oneus, was about to end. We decided to take a look around and found a wall that we could write on. As I was writing on the wall, my cousin told me to move. Turns out that Enhypen, one of my favorite groups, was approaching the wall to write their signatures. It was such an unbelievable moment that I am so grateful to have experienced. After that happened, we were just in complete shock so we stood near the Grammy Museum stage for a while until lining up for GA hi touch. We waited about an hour in GA to see Enhypen on the stage. The group introduced themselves, answered a few questions for the q&a, performed their song “Polaroid Love”, and then prepared for their hi touch engagement. For those of you who don’t know what a hi touch is, it is basically an interaction with the artists to say hi and give them a high five! The hi touch experience itself went by pretty fast. My video of meeting the Enhypen members was less than a minute long. There were a lot of people doing hi touch which made the whole process go by faster. The moment we were anticipating the most was over and so we left to go eat before the concert started. We came back to the expo to look at some of the paintings and when it was almost concert time, we headed to the arena and found our seats. It was pretty cool to have five different artists perform in one night. Performing that night was BE’O, ONEUS, VIVIZ, BAMBAM, and ENHYPEN. It was pretty cool to hear some songs I’ve never heard before live. All I can say for the concert is that it was so exciting, fun, and it made me really happy. Just in case any of you guys were wondering, I paid a total of $242 for this experience and I would pay that much again to do it all over. I am I hope that you enjoyed reading about my experience, I would’ve been more specific but then this story would go on for a while! I’ll leave some links down below if you’re interested in looking at photos from the expo!

We Bridge Expo Instagram

We Bridge Expo Twitter

Check out my reel dedicated to the We Bridge Expo on the VC Social Instagram!

By Elizabeth Fernandez

Elizabeth Fernandez is currently a full time student at Ventura College. She majors in Social Media Marketing, studying to earn an associate's degree. She hopes to gain more knowledge on digital content marketing to use the skills for her future career. Aside from being a student, some of her interests include music, collecting, and going to concerts.

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