Podcast With Professor Nick Norris

In this episode, I was able to interview Professor Nick Norris and talk about the social media program. We talked about different topics, for example, the impact of social media, and why social media is important in today’s modern world. How marketing strategies have changed now and how there are many tools that are accessible to anyone now. Also, we were able to talk a bit about who is Professor Nick Norris.

Podcast With Professor Nick Norris VC Social

By Kevin Murcia

Kevin Murcia is a full-time student at Ventura and works at a Radio Station as a General Director/manager. In 2014, he was given the opportunity to operate his local church radio station in Oxnard with which he developed different skills and ran social media accounts. He really enjoyed it and became interested in the media. In 2022 he returned to Ventura College to obtain his Associates’ Degree in Social Media Marketing.

Kevin is motivated to help local businesses and non-profits build awareness and assist them with marketing to help them be more successful and have more of a public reach. He thrives for success and is passionate about making a difference in the community.

When Kevin has free time from his busy life, he loves to spend it with his family, create music, and attend soccer games.

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