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Katey Mulville: Standout Announces Transfer

Katey Mulville #10 is a standout indoor and beach volleyball here at Ventura College. Just recently she announced she would be continuing her beach volleyball journey at a D1 school, CSU Bakersfield. The 6’0 kill generator provides a strong block in beach volleyball and can move great on defense. Being a student athlete about to transfer to a Division 1 school means that you have a pretty busy schedule, but Katey was still able to find time to answer some questions I had for her.

Question 1: “What was the biggest factor when you chose to commit to CSU Bakersfield?”

Answer 1: “The biggest factor for me was getting the chance to actually go and visit the girls and the campus. Going on the visit gave me a true perspective of how their program is ran, getting to watch them conduct a practice. I got to experience the leadership and sisterhood that the program has. I also got to experience the campus life while walking around and felt super welcomed by every person or faculty that I got to meet. 

Question 2: About 6 years ago when you started playing in high school did you think you’d commit to a D1 school?

Answer 2: I would have NEVER thought I’d commit to playing at a D1 school. I started playing volleyball for fun and then it completely sprouted into a love or passion. Also starting in high school is actually quite a late start for most people that go anywhere after high school. I’m extremely lucky to have been apart of some great programs from high school, to one club team, and an awesome junior college crew. High school Katey would be so proud. 

Question 3: What do you think the biggest adjustment will be playing at CSU Bakersfield?

Answer 3: The biggest adjustment for playing at CSUB would definitely be the level of playing and time commitment. Since it’s a D1 school the level of play is obviously higher so that will be a daily challenge to continue to expand as a player to reach higher levels. And time commitment is similar to my junior college schedule except for the D1 has strength training as a priority even during season so that will be an adjustment for time management on a day to day and physical challenge.

As Katey prepares to take a huge step in her playing career it’s evident that all of the hard work she has consistently put in over the years is paying off.

By Schuyler Arevalo

Hi, my name is Schuyler Arevalo, I am a 20 year old college student who is thrilled to live in the area code that I do. I currently attend Ventura Community College and plan to transfer to a Cal State when I have completed my associates and transfer credits. Currently I work bussing tables at a restaurant in The Collection, which is not where I envision myself in five years.
I enjoy watching underreported sports such as volleyball, waterpolo, ultimate frisbee, etc. especially when I can watch it in person. My life stlye is an active one by choice, it keeps me close to student-athletes in these sports and people who play recreationally. I prefer to keep things positive but I know honesty is not always that.

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