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Rabalais’ Bistro

Rabalais’ is a New Orleans style rasurant in the heart of the historic downtown Santa Paula. It is a family owned resurant that has been opened since 2011. I go to Rabalais’ at a few times a month and every time, the food has been amazing. What I have always known Rabalais’ for their amazing beignets.They have so many amazing desserts and pastries. They also have amazing food, my favorite things to get there are their gumbo, their French toast, and their Louisiana Po’ Boys. Every time I go they have nice staff and a beautiful restaurant.

When sitting down at the restaurant, you can be sat either inside where you can seeing many unique things like pictures of Santa Paula’s history, theirs a couch area where you can go and lounge and maybe get some work done, but one thing that I find cool is that they have a piano by the entrance where anyone can go and play any song they know. When you are stilling outside, it a nice area where you can enjoy the nice air and see people walk by, maybe take a look at the local shops that are near there. It is also a great place to sit because it is located on Main Street, which is where Santa Paula host most of their fun events.

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