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Yoga at Ventura College

If the benefits of mindfulness, building strength, reducing anxiety, and boosting your immune system sound compelling, consider taking a yoga class here on campus!

I am currently taking this class with instructor Lara Ohlinger. With her experience and passion for the practice it’s not a surprise she’s taught this class for years! This course focuses on three important concepts, Mind, Body, and Soul. It is scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve strength, flexibility, and mental health. In class, we focus a lot on our breathing. Big deep breaths, and long exhalations. We also use props such as rollers to help with stretches, blocks to help our posture, and straps for a deep stretch in the legs when we aren’t as flexible.

At the beginning of this class, I definitely was not as mindful as I am now. I tend to focus more on my breathing, especially in times of stress or anxiety. I remind myself to breathe and know that it will be okay no matter the situation. I take this course in the morning, which makes me feel ready to start my day and feel good about it. You can even try yoga at home! Poses such as the child’s pose, and the downward facing dog, are some of my favorites for a good stretch.

Overall, I would recommend this class or any yoga class to anyone who is looking for a little more peace in their lives, and something to make you feel good and happy about yourself!

By Daveynah Marceleno

Daveynah is a Marketing student at Ventura College. She looks forward to graduating this semester before starting her new adventure with the Disney College Program Internship in Orlando Florida this summer. She is a motivated student who enjoys working, making magic, and and learning new skills/techniques to use in her everyday life, and in the business world.

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