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Andria’s Seafood

Andria’s seafood was brought to the lovely Ventura Harbor Village in 1982 where till this day this family owner restaurant has been the recipient of national and local accolades, as Andria’s Seafood has been voted by locals “best seafood restaurant” multiple times. As a seafood enthusiast I have been eating at Andria’s since I was in elementary school, and later in life I go every other Sunday with my mom for brunch there. The food is amazing, and their fish and chips is a staple to their business. Pair some fish and chips or calamari and chips (which ever you fancy) with a bread bowl of clam chowder and you’re taste buds are going to be on cloud nine. For the most part the line isn’t short but for very good reason, their food is so fresh and delicious it will always be a top tier option for seafood in Ventura.

The best part of being family owned is they care about their employees and their community. On their website they openly mention they budget yearly to helps causes and they are always accepting applications. A few examples of who they have helped recently are the kids in the community. They sponsor the boys and girls club, and the Ventura County Junior Golf Association. There is nothing better than helping our the kids as they are the future of our country.

              Along with the amazing menu, Andria’s Seafood has their very own fish market located conveniently in their restaurant!  As you grab your seat inside or outside, right around the corner from the front counter is rear counter with fresh fish for sale. This is something that just adds to the ambiance of the restaurant and reinforces how fresh their dishes are. Want even more atmosphere? No problem, as Andria’s is located right on the harbor! Take a seat outdoors on the patio and get that fresh beach breeze, stare at some boats rocking back in forth, or throw some fries to get some action from the seagulls. Its also a stones throw from the beach, a nice walk from Andria’s to the sand has local shops, an arcade, and mounted binoculars to see extra sites along the way. Atmosphere and food, what more can you really ask for and this is a clear reason why Andria’s has been the best for the last 40 years. Next beach day stop by for a bite and you will realize why they are the best and might even take a page out of my routine, order two meals one for now and one to go.

By Jeronimo Moreno

New to marketing, novice video editor all because I am an inspiring content creator trying to one day hit the jackpot and have my dream job as a streamer! Majoring in Business Communications incase my dream doesn't take off I can get a real job. In my down time I enjoy playing online games with my friends. My partner told me why not get paid to do what you love and post some videos. What's the worst that can happen right?

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