Food & Beverage

A Quick Stop In Yolanda’s Mexican Cafe

As I arrived with my friend at Yolanda’s Mexican Cafe located at 1601 Victoria Avenue we had one thing in mind; appetizers. When we arrived we were greeted by very nice hostesses and all the other staff members that provided us service had a great positive energy as well. We chose to sit in their covered patio section as it has an amazing view of the Seabridge harbor, is full of color, and the heaters there are really effective.

Onto our food, we ordered the sampler platter for $16 dollars off their appetizer menu. I can tell you this was the perfect dish for two homies to share while we caught up with each other about our past week. The sampler platter included two quesadillas, two chicken taquitos, two jalapeno poppers, guacamole, sour cream, ranch, a mild red sauce, and the absolute highlight of the platter two mini chimichangas. The mini chimichangas are small, fried bean and cheese burritos with shredded cheese on top. They always have a perfect crunch to them and their taste is a 10/10. I feel like I could eat ten in one sitting. I found their guacamole to be really tasty and it went well with almost everything on the table including the free chips they sat us down with. There wasn’t anything included in the sampler platter we did not like but I would not recommend the jalapeno poppers when there are other appetizers like the mini chimichangas, the taquitos, and the quesadillas on the menu.

By Schuyler Arevalo

Hi, my name is Schuyler Arevalo, I am a 20 year old college student who is thrilled to live in the area code that I do. I currently attend Ventura Community College and plan to transfer to a Cal State when I have completed my associates and transfer credits. Currently I work bussing tables at a restaurant in The Collection, which is not where I envision myself in five years.
I enjoy watching underreported sports such as volleyball, waterpolo, ultimate frisbee, etc. especially when I can watch it in person. My life stlye is an active one by choice, it keeps me close to student-athletes in these sports and people who play recreationally. I prefer to keep things positive but I know honesty is not always that.

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