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How Can The E.A.C. Help VC Students?

The Ventura College Educational Assistance Center is a supportive resource for students with disabilities. They provide many classroom accommodations for many students with learning or intellectual disabilities, visual, hearing or speech disabilities, psychological disabilities such as depression or anxiety, mobility disabilities, acquired brain injury, attention disorders, autism and all health impairments.

How to Apply for Services

There’s a few ways you can qualify for services with the Educational Assistance Center.

First, you will need to fill out an application online or in-person. The E.A.C. office is located in the Administration Building (east wing) at the Ventura campus.

Second, provide verification of a disability such as a copy of an IEP (individualized educational plan), a 504 plan, or provide verification from a physician or therapist verifying a disability that would qualify.

Disability Testing

If you don’t have a diagnosed disability, contact the E.A.C. office to discuss what your options are. Ventura College offers free personal counseling through the Student Health Center where they may be able to provide a referral for services. After the application and verification is provided, you schedule an appointment with an E.A.C counselor to discuss accommodations that you could be qualified for. Disability testing oftentimes, learning disabilities are diagnosed later on in life or not at all. It’s beneficial to be aware of these types of disabilities because it can help you understand why you struggle more than others and/or you can try different learning approaches that are more successful for you. If you feel that you may have a learning disability, you may be tested by a certified Learning Disability Specialist at the E.A.C. The first step would be meeting with an E.A.C. counselor to discuss your learning experience.

Accommodations Offered

  • Readers
  • Note Takers
  • Transcribers
  • Interpreters
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Alternative Testing
  • Voice Recorder (check out)
  • Smart Pen (check out)
  • Braille
  • Media Services (large print, e-text, audio)

By Angela Pelton

Angela Pelton is a full time Ventura College student and student worker at the Educational Assistance Center(EAC) at the Ventura campus. Angela’s major is Social Media Marketing and looks forward to graduating in May of 2022. She loves to be creative and expresses this quality through her media content creations. She’s currently working with Buena High School's Music Association and Buena’s wrestling program by managing their social media accounts which includes creating media content to assist them with fundraising, events and building awareness for these High School programs.

Angela is motivated to help local businesses and non profits build awareness and assist them with marketing in efforts to help them be more successful and have more of a public reach. She thrives for success and is passionate for making a difference in the community.

When Angela has free time from her busy life, she loves to spend it with her family, site see, paint, be crafty, go to the beach, collect sea glass, help and attend Girl Scout events, go to concerts, wrestling tournaments and be involved with Ventura County schools, that her 3 children attend.

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