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“VC on the Go – The Show Must Pivot and Go On”

If you would’ve asked me 2 years ago if I ever thought about going back to school, I would’ve said, “with my work schedule? That’s impossible.” At the time, that was the correct answer. I work as a musician and the rest of 2020 was already mapped out, so there was no way to attend school. Home for a few months here and there, on the road the rest of the time. And then, well you know what happened.
After the first couple months of uncertainty and indulging on too much red wine, I think I fell into the same boat that many other people found themselves in, asking the same questions. “If this goes on for awhile, I’m going to need to find something to do, but wait, what do I like to do? What am I interested in?” It was around summertime when the possibility to go back to school was realized. Nothing was opening back up like they thought it might and everyone was buckling up for the long haul, including VC.
I signed up for the fall 2020 semester with a major in music. I mean music, right? After not being in school for a couple decades, that seemed like the obvious, logical choice. I soon realized that I wasn’t interested in taking any music classes (though I did take a really cool music history class). My interest were in marketing, business and film. Which is how I find myself writing this blog now.
I think a lot of people have similar stories right now. School registration had to have been at an all time high, right? Now that things are slowly opening back up, people are incorporating what they do now with what they did before, so scrapped what they did before all together. For me as an example, at present moment, I’m on the final week of a 5 week tour across America while being a full time student. Before the shutdown, after a show I would’ve ask someone to point me to the nearest watering hole. Now after a show, I ask for the WiFi password cause I have an assignment due.

By Aaron Johnson

Hailing from Ventura, CA, Aaron Johnson is a musician and performer with over 25 years of experience on and off the stage. When most of the music industry went on hold (because of obvious reasons), Aaron took the opportunity and headed back to school. Now in addition to returning to the stage, he studies business, marketing and the arts while being a second year student at Ventura College.

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