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We Probably Need to Destress

As college students, we are pulled in 50 different directions. We are either students, students/employees or possibly even students/employees/parents. The more you add to your plate, the less time you have to take a breather and relax.

So… when life gives you a break, what do you do with it? Do you stress yourself out about everything you have coming up? Do you take that break and use it to destress?

Stress is known for its negative effects on the body and the mind and yet here we are, as students, dealing with stress constantly. We weigh out the factors of taking or not taking that hour/two-hour break. We feel guilty if we don’t do something well enough and we beat ourselves up over how much, or how little, we get done. Should we be doing something else with the break we ruin with our stress?

If you resonate with the above, you probably need to destress. Here are five ways to “destress”:

  • Create and/ listen to a good playlist 
    • (Need a recommendation? Click here.)
  • Pick up a new hobby
    • Roller-skating
    • Painting
    • Cooking
  • Try out a local cafe or restaurant
    • (Check out some of our VC Social favorites here.)
  • Check out some of Ventura County’s attractions
  • Watch a new TV show

By Amy Garcia

I am a creative, forward-thinking and business-minded individual. I am a first-generation college student hoping to become either a marketing professional or project manager. Being a first-generation, non-white Mexican-American I have noticed an extreme lack of representation in traditional and non-traditional forms of marketing/advertising. This helped grow my passion of diversifying industries that don't see the beauty in ethnic cultures and people. I am passionate about the beauty industry and would love to lead or market projects aimed to diversify the beauty industry. I plan to use any and all skills that I learn in our Digital Content Marketing course to push me further along my professional journey.

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