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Ventura’s Greatest Attractions

The coastal city of Ventura is known for its beautiful beaches and weather, but there are lots of fun activities that are a must in this sunny town. A huge attraction in Ventura is the famous long wooden Ventura Pier. It is beautiful scenery where you can fish, bike ride, grab a bite to eat, or just walk around. Along with this prominent pier,  Ventura is also known for its surf spots. Lots of surfers love the waves that come in this beach town, and one of the biggest attractions is at Surfers Point. Adding onto the outdoorsy activities, the Ventura to Ojai paved bike path is a great way to get your exercise in while enjoying such beautiful scenery. The San Buenaventura city hall is also a captivating historical agricultural building to see. If you are looking for some yummy food, it is a must that you visit Tony’s Pizzaria, Aloha Steakhouse, and Cafe Noveau. Ventura is a fun and laid back city where you can always find amazing attractions and activities to do.

By Julia Chesson

Julia is a college student at Ventura College who is studying Social Media Marketing. She is a working dancer and model and is represented by Go 2 Talent and OModels. She is working towards furthering her passion for dance and modeling while getting more knowledge and experience in social media marketing.

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