About Me

William Michael Wentworth

The best thing about being a human being is that we each have our best qualities as a human being within us. It’s kind of like reading the small print here. Is, the small print, are we, worth taking a closer look?

Some of our best qualities as a human being are; our kindness, caring, compassion, honesty, transparency, being straight forward, communicating, respectful, understanding, our good will, our willingness to be our best of self, without ego, with a sense of the greatest possibility being possible for ourselves and everyone else.

Where are these best of self qualities found? Within us each in the same invisible place in which our life energy, the invisible, but very real and present part of us that gives us our being alive. They can tangibly be felt, within us. they do not come from anywhere in the outside world.

Who are these best qualities for? They are for each of us, as individuals, to find and feel by feeling for these within ourselves. No one is exempt from this need. We each need to feel our best qualities, because our best qualities as a human being are healthy, happy, honorable and honoring, initiating inspiring, insightful. They, we feel good.

Our experience of the best qualities of a human being, come in our feeling them within ourselves, without connecting these best of self qualities to anything outside of us, in our thoughts or emotions, as an expression. because, doing this is a distraction from being fulfilled though finding and feeling our finest qualities as a human being. . within us..

Only when we are feeling. . .our best of self in, continuity. . . continuously, our best, within us are we then able to express in some way., these finest qualities.

No philosophy, or idealism, or opinion is expressed here. I am more than 100% sure of what is said here. As I have been engaged in this process every day. . . for 45 years.

My best, to your best!