About Lexi Quolas

Lexi Quolas

Editor & Photographer

Lexi Quolas-Miller, was born in Ventura, Ca June 10, 1992. In 2011, she created a small business, Perfect Sin Beauty, to work as a makeup artist that emphasized in special effects makeup, while in college to earn a small income during her studies. She then graduated in 2013 with an AA degree in Arts & Humanities, and transferred to California State University, Northridge and gained a Bachelor’s degree in Art, emphasizing in Drawing in 2015.

Between the years of 2015-2020, Quolas would focus her interests in makeup artistry and collaborate with photographers, directors, and music artists to create various films, collections, and videos. She would also involve herself in the theater industry, specifically costume design. In turn, Quolas would develop a filmography featured on IMBD.com and be nominated for various awards like 2015 RAWartist SoCal Semi-finals: Makeup artist of the year.

Currently, Quolas is working as a FWS for Ventura College Performing Arts Center, a creative consultant for a small craft business, the social media manager, co-editor, and personality for YouTube channel “Divergent Dream,” all while attending full-time at Ventura College.

By May of 2023, Quolas will have added two more degrees, an AA in Photography and an AS in Social Media Marketing, to her achievements.

What I Can Do:

  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo & Video Editing
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist
  • Costume Design