About Amber Landis

Amber Landis

Social Media Marketing Student

Hello! My name is Amber Landis and I have worked in the nonprofit sector as a fundraiser for over 12 years. During that time, I have created a variety of fundraising campaigns, special events, managed committees and volunteers. Relationship building is key to any business, and it has been an honor to work in the nonprofit sector helping to build our communities one donor and business at a time. Now I find myself on an adventure, wanting to apply my grassroots marketing and public relation skills for a new career path. As a theatre major, I have always enjoyed the art of storytelling and I enjoy writing and creating content. Many years ago, I was at VC, I now find myself back here, a little older, wiser and ready for more learning, more growth.

What You Do:
  • Lifelong Student, I love learning!
  • Former Nonprofit Fundraiser
  • Mom, AKA Superhero